Tiny Yurt In The Woods On Six Acres In Vermont

Take a look inside of this tiny yurt vacation home located in Putney, Vermont, United States. The cozy yurt can accommodate up to 3 guests with 1 bedroom, 1 bed, and 1 bath. This romantic, private, and fully equipped four-season yurt, is surrounded by nature and located on a six-acre farmstead. The vacation home has a full kitchen, wood stove, deck

WiFi, electricity, and hot and cold running water. There is an outdoor shower (no winter shower, with some exceptions), within 45 to 60 minutes of multiple ski resorts, and close to nearby swimming and trails.

You can expect to restore and recharge in this harmonious and thoughtfully appointed yurt set on a private knoll that overlooks the beautiful Vermont fields and woods. Everything in the space has been carefully chosen. There are comfortable chairs, a lovely wood stove, and beautiful light throughout. There is a firepit that awaits under the trees. The deck is a great spot to listen to the birds, have a drink, read your book, and just relax. The yurt has everything you need to make meals in the simple but thoughtfully crafted kitchen.

The yurt has an organic mattress that the owners pride themselves on the comfortable and well-made beds, with lovely linens and two kinds of pillows. The composting outhouse is ten steps from the door and connected to the deck. It is scrupulously clean and nicer than you might expect. The yurt is very private, and at the same time, you will get a sense of the abundant beauty of homesteading life in Vermont with gardens, medicine plants, vegetables, pastures, fields, and woods just outside your door (all changing with the seasons of course).

The yurt is perfect for small families as it is only 20 feet in diameter and has room only for one bed. If you have a little one who is comfortable camping out on the floor, the owners are happy to provide a camping pad. Note that the woodstove in winter is hot to the touch. The owners are usually very busy in the winter, and that is because the yurt is a wonderful and cozy place to be in the cold season. That said, there are some unique aspects to staying in a yurt in winter that you should review and feel good about to include the following suggestions.

Making a fire in a wood stove is great, but you must do it well to stay warm. If you have never worked with a wood stove before, plan on being patient while you learn and you might spend some time reading the detailed instructions the owners have left you. The owners would also highly recommend you come before dark rather than late at night. There is an outdoor shower that they turn off for the cold season to avoid burst pipes. If having a shower is important to you, keeping the shower on is a possible option with a quick lesson and deposit. There is always hot and cold running water in the sink inside.

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