Beautiful Log Home With Balconies And Spacious Living Room

It doesn't get much better than this vacation log home located in Koscielisko. The Karczogrod cabin is just one of the homes you can stay in depending on availability. In the log cottage, on the first floor, there are three bedrooms with balconies and an additional mezzanine bathroom with a shower cabin, and a toilet. On the ground floor, there is a living room with a play area for children, there is also an additional sleeping mattress on which two people can sleep, a toilet, and an exit to the ground terrace. In the basement of the log cottage, there is a dining room, sauna, bathroom with a shower cabin, toilet, fireplace, and a fully equipped kitchen.

The Chocholowska Valley is the longest and largest valley of the Tatra Mountains. It is a frequent destination for tourists seeking beautiful views and mountain vegetation. The log cabin rentals offer a regional cottage that is located at the entrance to the Chocholowska Valley, a quiet and peaceful place where a tourist can relax in the surroundings of the Tatra nature. The second log house is located in the beautiful Polana Baligowka in Witow with an unforgettable view of the Tatra Mountains. The next three houses are located on ul. Krolewska in Koscielisko.

From the windows of the log houses, there is a wonderful panorama of the mountains. For the maximum comfort of your holiday, each cottage has been equipped with a terrace or balcony with a panoramic view of the Tatra Mountains, a kitchen fully equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven or toaster, induction hob, dishwasher, electric kettle, tableware, a set of cutlery, dishes and pots, glasses, towels and a hairdryer, sauna, and toys for children.

During your vacation stay, there is plenty to see and do when you visit the Tatra mountains area. It is a wonderful location if you enjoy hiking, but there are several other things to enjoy to include thermal pools, rafting, or biking. The Vrbov thermal pool is hot geothermal water that is especially helpful after a couple of days of constant walking and hiking. It helps your joints and muscles to recover. The best time for a vacation visit is in the evening when the air is cooler or anytime during the day if the temperature is not so high.

Another activity to consider when staying in the area is biking in the Liptov region. This region is probably the best region for biking. You can bike in a big valley between the High and Low Tatras mountains. It doesn't matter in which direction you look, you will always see some nice landscape. Some of the routes are more difficult and some of them easier. You can bike from one village to another on a road or go off-road and enjoy fast downhills after going up first. You can find the best trails around Liptovsky Hradok, Liptovsky Peter, Vavrisovo or Podbanske. You are sure to feel refreshed after a stay in the Tatra Mountains, all that fresh air is sure to do you good.

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